• Communities and Memes

    Communities and Memes

    The behaviors of our friends' friends' friends impact us more than we expect.

  • What is hard work?

    What is hard work?

    The danger of labels (even positive ones)

  • Creativity and fatigue

    Creativity and fatigue

    Embrace fatigue to let creativity flow

  • Reinforcement, pt 1: The Good

    Reinforcement, pt 1: The Good

    Reinforcement is a powerful principle. How can you harness it for good?

  • Why We're Easily Influenced

    Why We're Easily Influenced

    People influence us every day, but it isn't our fault. Our history and neuro-biology have shaped us to be this way.

  • The Effects of Working Late

    The Effects of Working Late

    It’s Not Wrong, but it’s Not for Everyone

  • What are you missing from life?

    What are you missing from life?

    Could you benefit from an expanded awareness?

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Mindfulness & Traffic Accidents

Mindfulness Tree - Featured


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I spent the day today in silence at a meditation retreat, and I was almost run over by a car on the way there. These experiences could hardly be more different (I made a chart!) but what strikes me most is that I learned lessons from each that I would have expected from the other. I'll explain after the break.

It's funny: random events big and small teach us volumes about ourselves. The inability to predict your instincts, even if you know what an event will be, keep you from predicting the lesson in advance. It's amazing when silence exposes anxiety and life-or-death situations instill peace.

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Infographic: Medicine from 1950 to Today

The marketing team for a Masters of Nursing program has done an amazing job compiling stats and drafting an infographic.

It's rather long, but expand the post to see how the scope of medicine has changed from 1950 to today. Patents are living longer (68.2 years vs 78.6), diabetes is an enormous problem, as are the economics.

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The Effects of Working Late: It’s Not Wrong, but it’s Not for Everyone

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Working late

Communication breakdowns happen all the time, but there's a phrase inherent to every setting that causes unintended turmoil: Don't work too hard.

What we say (typically) conveys what we believe is acceptable.  But miss-communications often happen when what you think is acceptable fails to be relatable. It's an important distinction.

Clearing the air and bridging the gap

Lets get one thing out of the way: working long hours isn't inherently bad. For some people, it's the key to career success. For others, it's a fast-track to the ICU.

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Research Roundup: The Importance of Number Knowledge for Young Children

Head in Hands


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Bad press releases overshadow good science

Science and research, like anything else, suffers from bad marketing. The trivialization and commercialization of important concepts should disappoint us. But when this letdown centers around the success of our children, it should upset us.


Last November, the University of Missouri put out a press release Read more

Why We’re Susceptible to Influence: History and Hormones

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Outside Influence

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Last week's post introduced Social Reinforcement and how you can use the principle for good. This week, I'm going to take a short detour. Before continuing that series, I think it's important to understand why we're susceptible to this kind of influence.

It's not any of our fault... it's all of our fault, cultivated over millions of years.

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